The “left pole” of LaREM sees (finally) the day … but for what?

There is already debate about the name. “What is it, 'Territories-progress', is it? It's not famous but good …” To be exact, it's about “Territories of progress”, left pole backed by the Republic on the move and whose creation was formalized by a forum published in the columns of the Sunday Diary. A sort of airlock supposed to welcome elected officials from the Socialist Party who do not wish to join directly the movement of Emmanuel Macron.

The source quoted above is one of the 75 signatories of the call. Another, the former PS MP Christophe Caresche, shares one of his suggestions: “I had in mind to call it 'Faire', in reference to the movement that brought together the friends of Michel Rocard in the years 70-80, the wink would have been pretty good, “he told It is said that this is also the title of a recent book by François Fillon.

Not enough to shoot down the person. The idea behind “Territories of Progress” is above all to open the windows of the current majority which, after the helm of the European right, Seeks to widen left for the next elections. The initiative, remotely controlled by the Elysée as we learned The Express, is a “first stone” in this process, slips us a leading executive of LaREM.

“Running gag”

It had been several months since Jean-Yves Le Drian, Didier Guillaume and Olivier Dussopt, ex-PS members of the government, were at the maneuver after several unsuccessful attempts. One of them, a think tank called “Hyperion” and launched before the summer by LaREM MP Aurélien Taché and lawyer Jean-Pierre Mignard, had very little impact. Hence the appearance somewhat “running gag” raised by some observers more or less malicious.

“We were a number of deputies of the majority to want this pole of the left, but appear among the signatories would not have given the feeling of an enlargement”, explains the MP LaREM Doubs Frederic Barbier, former socialist, who greeted the call in a ticket posted on Facebook.

The elected official also tells us that he intends to try to gather, in a few weeks, local elected representatives of his constituency to see where they are. “The story begins, I do not know yet how much we will be, but there are socialists who did not want to join LaREM but who can be found in Act II of the quinquennium, more social”, hopefully he.

The municipal lock

This relative autonomy of “Territories of progress” must allow its members to plow the ground quietly until things can really unlock.

“For now, the municipal campaign is a bit of a freeze, it's a local election where you do not want to go to a camp, and you've created an embryo, a tool that may be available to 'others can take it in. It's more of a network than anything else, but it can help to crystallize other rallies,' decrypts a signatory.

Some socialist mayors, resisting the idea of ​​belonging to an emanation of the macronie, could therefore be solicited in a more insistent way in the course of 2020. Philippe Saurel, an outgoing exile in Montpellier and for which we do not know for the moment whether he will benefit LaREM support, is one of the personalities that meet the criteria of “Territories of progress”. The case of François Rebsamen in Dijon, where the former minister of François Hollande governs with the MoDem, is also to study.

“There are non-municipal profiles: look at the regional level: a guy like Alain Rousset (president of the Region of New Aquitaine, Ed) for example, it is quite Macron-compatible”, explains an ex-elected socialist.

At LaREM, a lack of spaces for debate

At LaREM, we take good care to moderate these ambitions. “Do you know any leading socialist elected representatives, except for Johanna Rolland (mayor of Nantes, editor's note) or Olivier Klein (mayor of Clichy-sous-Bois, editor's note)?” Asks a pillar of the majority in the National Assembly. The marchers believe however that this “social pole” will prove very useful during the presidential election of 2022. In particular to accommodate a space of debate, which the macronie is not sufficiently provided, estimates one of the signatories of the tribune of JDD:

“When Gilles Le Gendre, patron of LaREM deputies, says he wants organize a debate within the group on secularism, it's good because there are no such discussion spaces! “

These prospects include some unknowns, starting with the ability of the PS to preserve its territorial grid in the March poll. And even if the party of Olivier Faure is struggling to recover from its recent troubles, Christophe Caresche concedes the following:

“If the PS manages to make emerge in 2022 a consensual candidacy, like Bernard Cazeneuve, it is clear that we will have less utility …”


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