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Last June, a Pride Parade was held in the suburbs. It's a beautiful story told with humor in the documentary The Pride. Baptiste Etchegaray is the director of the documentary. For several months, he followed step by step the organizers of a demonstration like no other. “There were young LGBT people in Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis) who were fed up that we still talk about the suburbs negatively, they wanted to show something else”explains the director.

The film is barely finished and it is selected at the LGBT Film Festival, which is the 25th edition this year. For ten days, it is possible to discover a hundred short and feature films as well as documentaries. An activist event, but not only. “For me, the festival advances the cause and, above all, it allows to put forward representations a little more complex and nuanced LGBT,” said Grégory Tilhac, general delegate of the LGBT film festival.

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