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This is the story of a betrayal, and Thomas Buscetta, says Don Masino. Although he is not necessarily known to the general public, he is nevertheless the first member of the Mafia to testify against his dangerous associates against the famous judge Falcone. This is a man: The traitor, told by the camera of Italian filmmaker Marco Bellocchioqui invites the viewer to plunge into the mafia universe of New York 80s.

Extradited to Italy after being arrested in Brazil in July 1983, Thomas Buscetta sat down to table and gave the famous judge Falcone the name of 350 mafia leaders. A betrayal motivated by the elimination of many members of the mafia by one of the leaders of the Cosa Nostra.Thomas Buscetta does not accept it: “I have been and I remain a man of honor“, certifies the actor playing Marco Bellocchio in the film.The mafia, it will eventually have the skin of Falcone … with 500 pounds of explosives, May 23, 1992 in Capaci (Italy).

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