the man dug a tunnel to join his fiancee

At 80, Boris Franzke is a discreet hero of the cold war He is one of those who braved the regime of the former GDR: at the time, after the establishment of the wall cutting the German capital, the young man finds himself separated from his fiancée, remaining to the East. To bring her back to the West, he decides to dig a tunnel with his brother. In five weeks, the friends work tirelessly, to finish 80 meters further.

Alas, Stasi agents are waiting for them in the East and wish to blow up the tunnel to avoid any escape. But against all odds, an agent of the East German political police deactivates the explosive device … Which saves the two brothers and allows Boris to move his companion to the West. “This man took all the risks, could have been spotted and shot … He is the hero“, Says Boris, grateful. Until 1964, the two brothers participated in the development of seven tunnels, two of which allowed the exfiltration of twenty East Germans.


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