The management of the Caesar Academy has resigned

Thethe pressure on the shoulders of the Caesar Academy kept going up. The twelve nominations of Roman Polanski for his film “J'accuse”, while the director is accused of rape and sexual assault caused an uproar. Then a call from 400 film personalities asking for more transparency in the appointments was relayed in the newspaper Le Monde.

The Board of Directors of the Association for the Promotion of Cinema (APC) has taken the unanimous decision to resign“, indicates a text published Thursday, February 13 in the evening. This will give rise to a”full management renewal“, said the now ex-president Alain Terzian.

The personalities signing the rostrum expressed the wish of a “in-depth reform“Cesar. All wanted to avoid further controversy. This resignation does not threaten the holding of the Cesar ceremony which will take place in two weeks, February 28.

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