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Once again flooded. For the fifth consecutive day, the sea invaded Saturday, November 16 in the morning the Piazza San Marco in Venice (Italy), closed to the public. The tourists are a little further away. They are looking to leave the city center but even the water buses are at a standstill. The rising waters lasted all morning. For traders, this fifth flood in one week is the one of too much. “We're fed up, we're tired, and the flood is 30 centimeters higher than expected”, laments a salesman.

Every night, traders cast what is unrecoverable. 50 churches also suffered, and, first of all, St. Mark's Basilica. The crypt is still in the water, the mosaics are damaged, and the brick structure, which dates from the eleventh century, is seriously weakened. Come to notice the damage, the Minister of Culture announces a first emergency aid. “These 20 million euros will only cover the first emergencies, we need a broader and stronger intervention here”indicates Dario Franceschini. From the City Council Hall, which has also been flooded, the local authorities have appealed to all lovers of Venice for donations.

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