The medal of the day A women's wrestling match in Saudi Arabia

Lacey Evans versus Natalya, the two wrestlers who compete in Saudi Arabia. (YOUTUBE SCREEN CAPTURE)

The famous WWE, the world wrestling entertainment, the great American promoter of wrestling, deserves this medal. And with the Americans, it's well known, it's still global. In this case it is really the case, because it is a long time since the American wrestling has crossed the borders of the United States.
But Thursday, October 31, WWE is very strong. She moved to Riyadh. In Saudi Arabia. And not with any fight, no. A women's wrestling show, between two fighters. Lacey Evans against Natalya.

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A women's wrestling match is a first in Saudi Arabia! After the Italian Football Supercup, an Electric Formula race, the next Dakar Rally, Prince Mohammed Ben Salmane's highly conservative kingdom is all about sport in an attempt to improve its image.

Yet last year, Saudi Arabia had already hosted a wrestling match, but not between two women. Moreover, images of two female wrestlers dressed lightly on the screens had almost turned to the diplomatic incident. A year later, the wrestlers will be Thursday night in the ring of King Fahd Stadium.


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