The medal of the day Chile's football team supports the current protest movement of the Chilean people

Alexis Sanchez, Chilean footballer in training in Porto Alegre (Chile), July 2, 2019. He is in solidarity with the Chilean people. (JUAN MABROMATA / AFP)

Chile's football players face Peru in friendly math on Tuesday (November 19th). Or rather, because the Chileans will not play. They will not go to Peru. Their coach released them. Because they do not want to play. And that's all. So, no, it's not a football whim. Nor is it an umpteenth bonus story, a clash between the locker room and his coach, or his federation. If the Chileans refuse to get on the bus, it is in support of their people.

A social crisis has been shaking the country for weeks now, and protesters are challenging the conservative president, Sebastian Pinera. An unprecedented protest movement in several cities to denounce socio-economic inequalities and call for reforms. Several players have clearly supported the protesters, and not just any, since they are the executives of this selection, those who play in the biggest clubs, Alexis Sanchez, Inter Milan, Claudio Bravo to Manchester City or the tailor, Arturo Vidal. The Barça player, emblematic figure of the Chilean team, was very clear when he arrived in Santiago: “I am with the people, it has risen and demands justice, so it must be supported as much as possible”.


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