The medal of the day In Germany, in Berlin, an unparalleled derby

The fall of the Berlin Wall (Germany). The last panels fall on November 11, 1989. (GERARD MALIE / AFP)

This unparalleled derby opposes two clubs in Berlin, the West, the Hertha and the little East, the Union. Since the rise of Union Berlin this season, the two clubs of the German capital will face Saturday, November 2 for the first time since the fall of the wall, 30 years ago, almost to the day. Generally, between two clubs in the same city, there is a lot of rivalry, sometimes hatred, and even violence. It's still pretty hot. But not in Berlin. Since reunification, the atmosphere is rather fraternal. The supporters of the Union have nothing against those of Hertha. So much so that when the Blues of Hertha were in the European Cup, some of the Union were there in a platform to support them. Although since the fall of the wall, the two teams are competing, some supporters of Hertha are happy to see the Union join them in the Bundesliga, the German elite.

As the name suggests, it was the secret police club of the former GDR, the Stasi. But today, Dynamo evolves in the most complete anonymity, in fourth division. On the eve of meeting, finally, face to face, all supporters of the Union and Hertha ask themselves the same question: how will it happen? Fraternity or rivalry? Because Berliners have the opportunity to mark the history of football, becoming the only city in Europe where the two clubs of the elite are in solidarity. The symbol of a city where the union has prevailed over the division.


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