The medal of the day Left-handers deserve a medal

Lionel Messi, in Sant Joan Despi, near Barcelona, ​​on November 4, 2019. (LLUIS GENE / AFP)

The left-handers deserve so much a medal … I say it all the more objectively because I am right-handed. One of the defenders of lefties was rewarded Monday by the Goncourt prize: the writer Jean-Paul Dubois, big fan of sport, in particular of rugby and author of The Left-handed Praise. “One in ten has a more complicated existence than others”he writes.

But that does not stop them from shining in the sport. For example, in football, the Argentinian Lionel Messi, fivefold gold ball, is a pure southpaw. Just like Diego Maradona, as comfortable with his left foot as with his hands. Other legend not left at all, far from it: the tennis player Raphael Nadal, become number one world thanks to his monumental and magnificent left arm.

Two explanations for these performances: physiological first, because the left hand is controlled by the right hemisphere of the brain, which manages the representation in space and the evaluation of distances. In other words, left-handers have better reflexes. Tactics, then: they are faced with many right-handed (about 90% of the population) and are better able to disrupt and win.

And then, it's a good plan to be left-handed: in handball, you need at least two left-handers in a team of seven players. It's like that: it means that the internationals Luc Abalo and Camille Ayglon, for example, had on paper more chance to play at a high level. And besides, according to the coach of the French women's team, Olivier Krumbholz, left-handers are better paid. So, who says they were upset, our left-handed?


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