The medal of the day. Philippe Richet, 51, completes seven marathons in seven days on seven “continents”

At 51, Philippe Richet is the first Frenchman to have won a marathon on this event. (World Marathon Challenge)

He is a daily marathoner in the literal sense since he has just completed seven marathons in seven days on seven “continents”: Antarctica, Africa, Oceania, Asia, Europe, South America and North America. 42 kilometers and 195 meters per day. This crazy race is called the World Marathon Challenge. Philippe Richet, 51, a former smoker, managed to go all the way and even finished 3rd in the general classification by winning the last stage in Miami. The Landais confirms this at the microphone of France Bleu Gascogne.

After this not very relaxing holiday, this seller in a sports store near Mont-de-Marsan is in a hurry to resume, because Philippe Richet is not one to remain without a project. Extreme running is his specialty. In Southwest, last year, he said his goal to line up on the Barkley, the most difficult race in the world in Tennessee: 160 kilometers, 18,000 vertical meters to complete in less than 60 hours.


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