the moving farewells of John Bercow, the famous speaker of the British Parliament

The walls of Parliament will no longer resonate with its spectacular “Order” and the most sensitive will no longer question the singular motives of the colored ties he wore. As he announced in early September, John Bercow leaves Thursday, October 31, the presidency of the British House of Commons after ten years of service. During the last questioning of the Prime Minister on Wednesday, October 30, his work was widely welcomed by all political parties. “Even if we disagree with some of the legislative advances you have favored, there is no doubt that you have been a great servant of this Parliament and this House of Commons”congratulated Prime Minister Boris Johnson. “Today, our democracy is stronger thanks to your work”, continued his Labor opponent Jeremy Corbyn.

His conception of relations between the government and Parliament will leave a mark in contemporary British political history. In a country devoid of a written Constitution and where the organization of Parliament is based on conventions, John Bercow has transformed the formerly essentially decorative function of speaker into an instrument of power, dusting the habits and customs of the House.

During Wednesday's meeting, John Bercow thanked the members of Parliament before concluding, very moved: “I want to thank my wife, Sally, and our three children, Oliver, Freddie, and Jemima, for the support, stoicism, and courage they have shown over the last decade, and I will never forget will always be grateful. “


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