The National Assembly votes a strengthening of obligations for Airbnb type platforms

These platforms will now have to send the municipalities additional information on the hirers.

New rules to frame the activity of platforms such as Airbnb in France. The National Assembly voted Thursday, November 21, increased obligations for these platforms, which will be required to transmit to the municipalities additional information on rental.

MEPs validated at first reading this provision introduced in committee, as part of the examination of the draft law on the lives of mayors. It provides that the platforms will have to transmit to the municipalities the name of the lessor, and to say whether or not the rented property is his principal residence.

The aim is to allow municipalities to have additional elements to identify potential offenders and enforce the Elan sanctions on housing. Since this law of 2018, the rental of a home is limited to 120 days per year and it must have a registration number. Otherwise, the platform risks a fine of 12,500 euros for each non-compliant advertisement.

An amendment also requires that rental offers be required to indicate the nature of the advertiser in order to know if it is an individual or a professional. Another amendment intends to allow certain municipalities to submit for prior authorization any transformation of an existing room into furnished accommodation.

For its part, the Senate had planned at first reading to allow municipalities to limit the duration of rentals between 60 and 120 days per year. Several deputies have pleaded in vain to return to similar devices, including candidates for mayor of Paris, such as Pierre-Yves Bournazel and Cédric Villani. Other elected officials, such as Christine Pires Beaune (PS) and Danièle Obono (LFI), defended similar or more restrictive amendments.

The Minister of Communities, Sébastien Lecornu, issued an unfavorable opinion on these amendments. Rapporteur Bruno Questel (LREM) argued that the 120-day “less than a year”, other “walkers” also arguing that it was necessary first “test” this law.

The American giant Airbnb offers for rent some 600,000 homes in France, including 65,000 in Paris.


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