the number of deaths distorted by the authorities?

With the gradual lifting of confinement in Wuhan (China), a world hotbed of an epidemic, which has since spread across all continents, large queues have multiplied in front of the city's crematoriums . Far from anecdotal images. In fact, inside the buildings, the funeral urns of people who lost their lives because of the Covid-19 coronavirus. On pictures released Monday, March 30, their number questions: there seem to be thousands, while officially, there have been only 3,311 deaths in China since the start of the pandemic.

It's just ridiculous, it's the number of deaths on scooters. It is obviously not that“China expert Marie Holzman said. Even some Chinese media are exposing a state lie. A newspaper has counted that for only one of the eight funerals in Wuhan, the number of cremated people during the crisis would be more than 16,000.

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