the Paris prosecutor's office opens a preliminary investigation for “minor sexual assault”

In an investigation of Mediapart, the actress accuses the director Christophe Ruggia of touching on the filming of the movie “The Devils” then in the months that followed, at the beginning of the years 2000, whereas the actress was 12 years old.

A preliminary inquiry was opened for “15-year-old sexual assault per authoritative person” and “sexual harassment” after the charges the actress Adèle Haenel against the director Christophe Ruggia, learned franceinfo from the parquet of Paris.

Theactress twice césarisée has described, in a long survey of Mediapart (paying article) and in a video interview, touching during filming Devils, released in 2002, on the occasion of regular meetings, on weekends, in the director's apartment. “He clung to me, kissed my neck, smelled my hair, stroked my thigh down to my sex “she told Mediapart.

The actress also spoke of a hand passed under her shirt. According to the actress, the same gestures were repeated in the months that followed, behind closed doors, on the sidelines of international festivals, in Yokohama (Japan), Marrakech (Morocco) or Bangkok (Thailand). Adele Haenel was 12 years old at the time.

The alleged facts are not prescribed, since any victim of a sexual assault on a minor can complain until age 38. “I wanted to act (…) (But) I never thought about justice “, however, explained Adele Haenel, who believes that there is “systemic violence against women in the justice system” and regrets that the attackers and the rapists are “so little” convicted.

“I think she is wrong to think that justice can not respond to this type of situation, reacted Wednesday morning, the custody of the Seals, Nicole Belloubet, interviewed on France Inter. On the contrary, especially with what she said, she should seize justice that seems to me to be able to take into account such situations. “

The director Christophe Ruggia answered these accusations by the voice of his lawyer, Jean-Pierre Versini. He criticized a reading of the facts systematically tendentious, inaccurate, romanticized, sometimes slanderous “. His client refutes, he says, “categorically having harassed or any kind of touching on this then minor girl”.


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