the people are preparing for the queen's address in this coronavirus crisis

In 68 years of reign, it is only the fourth intervention of the queen. This proves that the hour is serious. “It is quite exceptional. In general, she speaks for Christmas wishes, and in history, she only spoke, for example, for the Gulf War, the death of Diana or the death of her mother. According to the indiscretions of the British press, Elizabeth II should call the people to resilience“, explains, this Sunday, April 5, the journalist Arnaud Comte, duplex from London (United Kingdom).

This speech is not scheduled on this date at random. It's very nice here in London, people went out a lot yesterday (Saturday April 4) in the parks. It is the haunt of the British authorities, and Elizabeth II should therefore call on the British people to confine themselves despite the good weather.“, he specifies.

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