the photo of an American stuck on the Greek-Turkish border goes around the world

A lone man wandering in a buffer zone between Turkey, who expels him, and Greece, who refuses him entry into his territory. Behind the image, the embarrassing issue of Western jihadists and the return to their countries. The scene is set in northeastern Turkey, on the border with Greece, at one of the few posts between the two countries, whose diplomatic relations are historically strained. The man, a 39-year-old American of Jordanian origin, is accused by Turkey of being a fighter of the Islamic State group. After the Turkish prisons, here he is locked up again, but this time behind the fences of a “no man's land” of about fifty meters and in the black hole of international law. We see him calling the cameras to draw attention to his fate.

On Monday, November 11, Turkey wanted to send him back to the United States, but he refused. The Turks then lead him to the Greek border post, but Greece does not hear it that way and does not let it pass. It does not matter to the Turkish president, who wants to put pressure on Europe and the United States. “It's not our problem, it's not important for us to be stuck in Greece,” he replied. Was the question of this American raised during talks between Donald Trump and Recep Tayyip Erdogan, currently in Washington (United States)? No information was leaked, but four days after the start of the case, Ankara (Turkey) claims that an agreement has been reached. The suspected jihadist is expected to be transferred to the United States shortly.

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