the place of the individual in society through the eyes of eleven contemporary Chinese artists

In Bordeaux, the Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute invited eleven of the most important contemporary Chinese artists to express themselves on the representation of the individual in the current Chinese society. Until February 16, 2020.

Being an artist is not easy in China. The freedom demanded by the sincerity of the creative gesture goes wrong with a regime that interprets everything in political terms. China today, under President Xi, has nothing to envy to what it was under Mao: Chinese Nobel Peace Prize winner, Liu Xiaobo, died in prison in 2017. The eleven contemporary artists exhibiting in Bordeaux until the 16th of February all take risks. But in France, they are sure that their works will be considered as such and not as outrages to the regime or declarations of war in power. Yet the artists themselves know that nothing is innocent.

For me, art is subversive, especially in a country like China because of the Communist Party. In 2008, during the Olympic Games, the government wanted to show a good image of the country. But we, the artists, we know it's wrong.Zhen GaoGao Brothers

Painting, sculpture, photography, montages … the support changes but the theme is respected. Even if this theme, evoking the place and image of the individual in Chinese society, is subversive. This is how the work of Zhen Gao, one of the eleven, is visible in France and will not be in Beijing, precisely considered subversive.

The look is critical but the works are not only political, their artistic qualities are undeniable and the personality of each well marked. Time is far from the dialectical realism that erased the personality … the individuality precisely illustrated by the works chosen to compose Humans.

Coming from a country that always calls itself a communist, each of the eighty works exhibited in Bordeaux is listed at around 100,000 euros. How much, in yen?

Collective exhibition of eleven contemporary Chinese artists
Bernard Magrez Cultural Institute
Until February 16, 2020


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