the president of the Regional Council of Burgundy Franche-Comté who should not have been allowed to pass has made a report to the prosecutor

An elected RN had taken to party, in front of all the hemicycle, a veiled mother who accompanied a school exit.

PS President of the Burgundy Regional Council Franche-Comté, Marie-Guite Dufay, announces on France Bleu Besançon, Thursday, November 14, have made a report to the public prosecutor after the controversy on the veil triggered by the video of an elected RN in his hemicycle.

Friday, October 11, an elected representative National Gathering (RN), Julien Odoul, had taken part, in the audience of the Regional Council of Burgundy-Franche-Comté, a mother of veiled family attending a plenary session. The young woman accompanied her son during a school trip of his class.

“We made a report to the prosecutor, because beyond the posture of the head of the extreme right group, there had been on his part, before in the morning, (other) about”, she explained, a month after the facts. “I had hesitated to point out them and ask him to stop because I felt that an incident was possible and I did not want to point the attention of our assembly to an incident, so I let pass should not have missed what was said in the morning, recognizes a month later Marie-Guite Dufay.

The prosecutor “also asked us for additional elements to feed the complaint that the person, who was verbally attacked, made” she said at the microphone of France Bleu.

We have been overwhelmed.Marie-Guite Dufayon France Bleu

Marie-Guite Dufay is marked by the reaction “so aggressive and disrespectful” of this elected National Rally and regrets “This confusion that there has been in the speech – and that there is among a large part of the French – is assimilated Muslim, Islamist, and terrorist, it is awful …”

“Today we see that in the name of secularism we claim anything and everything, in the name of secularism we ask this lady to discover when she has the law for her, I say .. respect, respect, respectshe added.


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