“The problem is not that, it's to stay alive”, reacts Teddy Riner after the postponement of the Tokyo Olympics

“We can not complain. We just have to deal with, deal with,” reacted the judoka after the decision on Tuesday to postpone the Tokyo Olympics after 2020.

“The problem today is not that. It is to stay alive, to solve this health problem. Let everyone get better so that everyone heals, that we will have fewer and fewer deaths “, reacted on 24 March on Franceinfo the French judoka Teddy Riner, after the announcement of the postponement of the next Tokyo Olympic Games after 2020 and at the latest in the summer of 2021.

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“We can't complain. We can't say it's a problem. We just have to deal with it, deal with it and say to ourselves, the Games are a year away. Well, well, we'll wait a year “said Teddy Riner.

The sportsman is not “relieved” however. “It keeps going”, according to the Olympic champion. “It will be a five year Olympiad”. This postponement, for Teddy Riner, does not undermine his desire to seek a medal in Tokyo. “It doesn't change anything at all. It will always be the same Olympic Games, just, staggered. It gives me even more time to prepare better. It will allow me to be even better and to achieve, but certainly, I hope my best Olympic Games. We have to stay positive “, concluded the judoka.


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