the ravages of global warming


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Tourist guide, Jacky Simoud left France in 1976. He got to know the icebergs. To get close to the Rorok Glacier, you have to crack the ice. It quickly becomes impossible to advance. French has seen the polar landscape evolve with temperatures rising in the Arctic on average two degrees since 1975, the glacier loses each year a little volume. “I have been in southern Greenland for 23 years. At the time, the glacier was higher. He had to go back nearly a mile. When it pours, there are less big icebergs“, says Jacky Simoud.

In front of partially peeled mountains in September when they should be snow-covered, a Greenlandic family can only see the effects of global warming. “When I was little, it was cold at this time of year in southern Greenland. But now it's getting hotter“In the Arctic region, global warming is twice as big as the rest of the planet, and the Greenland glaciers have not been as low as in 2019.

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