the state of natural disaster will be decreed by the Italian government

Authorities estimate the damage to “several hundred million euros”.

The Venetians still woke up to the sound of sirens. Still traumatized by a high tide on Tuesday, the City of the Doges is preparing for new episodes of “acqua alta”, while the government must decree Thursday, November 14, the state of emergency for natural disaster.

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, who arrived the day before, took part in a crisis meeting at the prefecture before taking a tour of the city's shops. On Twitter, he said he will return to Rome for a Council of Ministers in which the state of natural disaster will be decreed, in order to quickly mobilize funds.

Several other episodes of “acqua alta” are expected in the next few days. If the rise of water should not exceed 1.25 meters on Thursday, the next important alert is expected Friday late morning with a level of 1.40 meters, anticipated by the Tidal Monitoring Center of Venice. The authorities estimate the damage to “several hundred million euros”.

For Environment Minister Sergio Costa, the situation is aggravated by global warming, which in the Mediterranean “Conformal” the weather, with intense rainfall and strong gusts of wind.

Many officials, including the mayor of Venice Luigi Brugnaro, called to end “as quickly as possible” the mega-project of MOSE dikes (“Moses” in Italian, acronym for “Experimental Electromechanical Module”) in order to “protect the whole pond” from Venice. According to Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, he is “93% ready” and will be “presumably completed for the spring of 2021”. The project, considered too expensive and inefficient by the ecologists, is based on 78 floating dikes that should rise to close the lagoon in case of rise of the Adriatic up to 3 meters high.


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