the surprising ecological conversion of F1 driver Lewis Hamilton

It may win Sunday in Mexico, a sixth title of world champion Formula 1, but Lewis Hamilton announces sell his private jet and ban plastic packaging.


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Will Lewis Hamilton become one of the advocates of the environmental cause? The five-time Formula 1 World Champion – a vehicle that consumes around 45 liters per 100 kilometers and uses around 20 tires per race – could clinch a sixth title on Sunday [October 27th] in Mexico. But this Grand Prix seems very far from its concerns of the moment. The British pilot, familiar with the jet set, has inflamed social networks with a surprising message.

The private jet trips for the celebratory nights in Ibiza or Los Angeles, it's over, explains Lewis Hamilton in a video on his Instagram account. “The extinction of our species is inevitable […] it took me 32 years to notice it”says the five-time world champion before announcing the sale of his private jet and opening a vegan burger restaurant in London.

By the end of the year, I want to have a carbon neutral footprintLewis Hamilton

Enough to misunderstand, another pilot, Fernando Alonzo. “We know the lifestyle that Lewis, me or all the other Formula 1 drivers can have, we travel a lot, we fly 200 times a year., recalls the Spaniard. You can not say after, do not eat meat. “

Since then, Hamilton has removed his video message. So was his ecological revelation ephemeral? Not at all ! Thursday, at a press conference before the Grand Prix in Mexico City, he defended himself for a long time. “I do not allow anyone at my home or office to buy plastic packaging”, details the British pilot, who explains going “at most to recyclable packaging, even toothbrushes, I also changed my diet and bought an electric Smart”.

However, from there to leave the Formula 1 to join its green equivalent, the Formula Electric … Hamilton is very clear: “I have no interest in this championship. “


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