the testimonies of the families of the victims found in the truck charnel

Families in mourning, parents who mourn the death of a child they let go to Europe in search of a better life. In recent days, the British have discovered these testimonies of Vietnamese who tell the story of a large-scale trafficking in human beings.

The father of a victim testifies: “I asked her how she would travel, by what means of transport. She told me that she would take a VIP service by plane and by road. If I had known that she would be traveling in such conditions in a truck, I would never have let her go. “ This father says he paid 35,000 euros to smugglers for his daughter to join Britain. She has probably left her life there. “We are a poor family, here in our campaign, there is no way to earn money“says another father, whose son was a former soldier.

Often the north of France is a step before joining Britain. On the English side, young Vietnamese are sent to beauty salons that exploit them, while men go to illegal cannabis farms. The British police have been trying for several years to dismantle these highly structured networks.


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