the tragic journey of a Vietnamese victim

We know a little more about the bodies found. Among the 39 victims, a 26-year-old Vietnamese girl who took all the risks to join Great Britain (United Kingdom). This young woman was reportedly the victim of large-scale human trafficking. Her mother posted messages that her daughter would have sent her from inside the refrigerated trailer. “I love you, dad, mom, I'm going to die because I can not breathe”she writes.

According to her brother, quoted by British media, the young woman leaves Vietnam in early October, heading for China. From there, traffickers pay for 35,000 euros and send him to France, according to him. She then joins Britain. The last time he spoke to her, she was in Belgium, according to her brother. Other families are now afraid that their loved ones will also be among the victims. Their origin and identity are still being verified.

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