the works inaugurated in the presence of Édouard Philippe

The construction started. Monday, November 4 begin the work of the Olympic Village supposed to welcome the athletes in Seine-Saint-Denis, during the Olympics of 2024 in Paris. “We must start by shaving businesses, schools, a student residence, and this still poses some rehousing concerns“indicates Julien Gasparutto, France 3 journalist present on the spot. In the morning, the first act of demolition was laid under the eyes of the Prime Minister, Édouard Philippe.

This Olympic village of fifty hectares will then be converted into housing and offices. “This work is rather a consensus because it represents a real accelerator for Seine-Saint-Denis“The prime minister stressed the importance of delivering the project on time and respecting budgets.”The government, he repeated, will be careful that the initial bill is not weighed down“, concludes Julien Gasparutto.

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