“There are many phones with a relatively high level of exposure”

Olivier Merckel has piloted the report of the health agency Anses, which recommends to remove from circulation some mobile phones put on sale before 2016, or at least to update them.

Some cell phones on sale before 2016 must be removed from circulation, or at least updated: they emit too much waves and exceed the latest standards when they are worn in the pocket of a jacket, said Monday the Anses health agency. “We have not identified any health risks, but it is a precautionary principle”says Olivier Merckel, who led the ANSES report on Tuesday 22 October.

Franceinfo: Having a hyperconnected portable device near us is dangerous?

Olivier Merckel: This is a recommendation that has been made for several years, we must limit its exposure to the airwaves. The mobile phone is the object that exposes the most in our daily life. When manufacturers made tests to check the compliance of the phones against the current limit values, they had the choice before 2016 of the distance to which the phone was placed in relation to the body. Most of the time, they applied a distance of 10 to 25 mm from the body. This does not correspond to the uses since it is not rare that one carries the phone in a pocket, therefore very close to the body. In these cases, there are many phones with a relatively high level of exposure.

So do not wear your phone in the pocket of your pants or shirt?

The idea to limit your exposure to the waves is simply to move away. A few centimeters are enough to greatly reduce the exposure. This is the first recommendation we make. This concerns some phones before 2016. Today, manufacturers are required to do these tests at a distance of up to 5 mm.

You do not quote a brand or model. Will you do it?

All these data are available on the website of the National Frequency Agency. There are all the results of the tests that have been done. When a phone has a DAS (Specific Absorption Rate), energy absorbed by the body greater than 2 watts per kilogram, we are in a situation that is best avoided.

What are the health risks?

No health risks have been identified, but it is a precautionary principle. There is still some uncertainty about the long-term effects. There are still studies going on among teenagers and children. There are also studies that will study the impact over 15 years of the use of these phones.


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