thousands of evacuation following gigantic fires

This is what tens of thousands of Californians live for several days. A cry of alarm sounds in the neighborhood: “Evacuate everyone, fire is coming!“The flames are clearly visible above the houses, we can see a firefighter helicopter trying to contain the fire, an emergency, driven by strong winds, the wall of fire is rising at 20 km / h. inhabitants in shock.

It was something I had never experienced in my life, it was overwhelming to wake up to a fireball“A number of houses have already burned down and more than 10,000 buildings are under threat at this very moment.” Two thousand firefighters are mobilized, but according to the authorities, the situation could worsen in the coming hours. “We may have historical winds, and we are very concerned that California's most vulnerable areas are being fired by explosive fires.The firefighter's priority is to prevent destructive fires from taking place, “said Jonathan Cox, Fire Chief.

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