thousands of people demonstrate in Madrid to urge leaders to act for the climate emergency

Another march was planned simultaneously in Santiago, Chile, where the annual UN climate meeting was to be held before the country gave up hosting it.


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The clock is ticking and the temperatures and pollutant emissions keep climbing on the planet. Thousands of people demonstrated in Madrid on Friday (December 6th) with Sweden's Greta Thunberg to push the countries gathered for COP25 in the Spanish capital to take action against the climate crisis. “The current leaders are betraying us and we will not let that happen anymore”said the 16-year-old girl to the crowd gathered at the end of the protest.

In the demonstration, people carried placards displaying messages such as “Without a planet, no future”, “Politics, the Earth is dying”, “This summit is a joke” or “Capitalism kills the planet”. Others carried a coffin to stage the burial of the environment.

Representatives and members of indigenous peoples, including the Mapuche of Chile, also participated in calling for the end of the violence suffered by their communities and the expropriation of their land. “Climate change affects us all, but also future generations, we need to be aware of it, the world is coming to an end”said Paula Sánchez, a 16-year-old from Madrid.

Nadine Wulf, a 25-year-old German student, said she hoped the mobilization would ensure that “people are convinced that climate change exists and that they must change their habits”. The Spanish actor Javier Bardem also spoke at the end of this walk for the climate which gathered 15 000 people according to the prefecture. Greta Thunberg mentioned the figure of 500,000 participants.

“We are living one of the most critical moments in our history and for the first time we speak with one voice”, he said, calling it “stupid” US President Donald Trump who has decided to leave the Paris Climate Agreement.

The Dalai Lama supported the protesters in a tweet: “We can no longer harness the resources of the Earth (…) without worrying about future generations, and I support youth protests against governments' inaction on the climate crisis.”

The 200 or so signatories to the Paris Agreement, which aimed to limit global warming to + 2 ° C, even + 1.5 ° C, whose objectives seem more and more unattainable, have gathered since Monday to two weeks in Madrid, pressed from all sides to set more ambitious targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Mercury has already gained 1 ° C compared to the pre-industrial era, amplifying climate disasters.

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