thousands of protesters again on the street despite the ban

Deployed in large numbers, the police made numerous arrests and arrests of protesters. They still challenge Beijing, and demand more democracy in the autonomous territory.

Tear gas, water cannon, masked protesters … Saturday demonstrations follow each other in Hong Kong. On Saturday, November 2, thousands of anti-Beijing protesters took to the streets for another unauthorized march. Despite a new warning from the Chinese central government, the movement shows no signs of retreating after nearly five months of mobilization. The protesters are still accusing Beijing of wanting to cut corners on Hong Kong's special regime. They demand the resignation of Carrie Lam, the head of the Hong Kong executive, accused of being in Beijing's orders. They also demand more democracy, with the establishment of a real universal suffrage.

A crowd of protesters, dressed in black, swept across the Causeway Bay shopping district. Clashes quickly took place with the riot police who wanted to disperse them and increased the number of arrests.

With sustained fire of tear gas and a water cannon, the police chased groups of protesters who blocked streets, built barricades and vandalized businesses, including shattering the office windows of the agency. Chinese state news press China.

A photo posted on Twitter also shows rugby fans coming to the Wanchai neighborhood bars watching the World Cup final, caught in tear gas clouds.

Other images filmed by the media on site, show a large police deployment in the city, as well as the arrest of ten people, taken by the police on board buses.

For the 22nd weekend in a row, the police authorized a rally in the evening but rejected a request for a march during the afternoon citing security fears. As many times before, protesters ignored the ban.


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