Three-page PowerPoint, racist and sexist slippage … A senior White House official delivers an explosive portrait of Donald Trump

The author, anonymous, claims that the president: “empty-handed, insulting, confused, easily annoys and has trouble synthesizing information.”

“A 12 year old child in a control tower, who presses all buttons erratically”. In A warning (A Warning), a 259-page book to appear on November 19 in the United States, a top unnamed official of the White House publishes a vitriolic portrait of Donald Trump. It was already he who had published a tribune in the New York Times (in English) in 2018: he then explained how he was trying to control the “worst inclinations” Of the president.

The Washington Post (article in English) was able to consult the book. In his report, we discover a very irritable head of state, fond of sexist and racist jokes, with real difficulties in synthesizing information. Unlike the book Fire and Fury: Inside the White House Trump, the journalist Michael Wolff, who described the first year of his presidency, the author does not focus on a specific period, to avoid being identified. It portrays a heavy atmosphere and delivers anecdotes that constitute a disturbing portrait of the tenant of the White House.

In his opinion, he confirmed, without anyone being able to confirm, that several members of the Trump administration had considered resigning collectively last year to alert the general public to the president's conduct. They finally gave up, believing that this act would further destabilize an already shaky government.

Donald Trump appears without filter, not missing an opportunity to crack a sexist remake: “He comments on makeup, makes jokes about weight, criticizes clothes”says the anonymous author. The president also does not hesitate to speak with a Hispanic accent at a meeting in the Oval Office to complain about migrants crossing the border: “These women come with seven children, they tell us, 'Oh, please, help us, my husband left me!' They are useless, they do not do anything for our country, at least if they came with a husband, we could put them in the fields to gather corn. “, he would have said.

Beyond these outings, Donald Trump “empty-handed, insulting, confused, easily annoys and has trouble synthesizing information, this does not happen occasionally, but regularly”says the senior official. His administration was also asked to prepare only PowerPoint for him because he “does not want to read”. Subsequently, the latter even had to reduce their message to “three main points” including on complex topics like “military operations or the federal budget”.

Thursday, the White House called the book “Lies” andfiction “, in the words of President Stephanie Grisham's spokesperson. According to CNN, the Department of Justice attempted to intimidate the author by sending a letter to the publisher to find out if the book violated a confidentiality clause while trying to obtain information about his identity.


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