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Genevieve Dulude-De-Celles, a Quebec filmmaker, succeeds in a fair approach to the delicate transition from childhood to adolescence, revealing a promising young actress.

Mylia is 12 years old, sensitive age, the one where one must resolve to leave childhood. She lives in a world as preserved, away from tumult, at least those of the city, she lives not far from a forest where she had built cabins. A 7-year-old little sister, so cute and funny that she does not help her to be a real big sister anymore. The parents? a couple disunited we do not know why in this haven of peace, their predictable separation will weigh heavily in the end of this strong story of a new teenager.

Mylia enters college, the difficult beauty of an age deemed ungrateful, no confidence in her, clumsy in his inclinations forced by the uses of others. For here it is in a large bath occupied by small turkeys believing, they already know everything about fashion big and ready to seduce the macho apprentices of the establishment. She shyly makes her way into the classroom and finds herself next to Jimmy, a Native American who lives in the Reserve close. That's good, the first history classes include “Education to citizenship“, Which will provoke lively debates with students who are content to think that Indians are still almost savages.
Without really knowing it, Mylia gets closer to Jimmy, they have the difference in common, just that, not enough to immediately share their cultures and their desires. He wants to be faithful to his tradition, as he can in a plastic world, she wants to try to enter the world of large, which will be the first occasion of a sad fiasco. But his metamorphosis is underway, there will surely be, others, she is still so young.

© Lena Mill-Reuillard and Etienne Roussy

The revelation of a young actress

Chronic endearing of a mutation, sweet and salty, all in sweets and impatience, A colony looks like his heroine: between two hesitations (sometimes a little long) the film sometimes seems to seek his subject, the difference between cultures, the delicate transition from childhood to adolescence. It is the astonishing Émilie Bierre (Mylia), lunar as much as luminous, which keeps it on track. The young actress is almost every shot, always a strange accuracy. She wears a small cinematographic pearl, captured as close as possible, which could only be imagined and realized by a woman, and a woman who has sharp memories of this delicate as well as violent moment.

  • A colony – Genevieve Dulude-De-Celles (Canada) – 1h41

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