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To be buryed pollutes enormously. According to a study by the Paris City Hall, a burial discharges as much greenhouse gas as a car that travels 4,023 km. “For cremation, it's a little less, it represents a journey of 1,024 km”, says the journalist Julien Duponchel on the set of the 13 Hours. In recent years, there are cardboard coffins, more ecological, but also cheaper: 300 euros on average.

Aquamation and humusation

In addition, ecological cemeteries have emerged, as in Ivry-sur-Seine (Val-de-Marne). The marble stones are banned, replaced by small wooden steles and the body of the deceased must not have undergone chemical treatments. In Australia, Canada, or some American states, other techniques have already been tested. “Aquamation, dissolution in salt water, humusation, transformation of the body into compost, processes still prohibited in France”concludes Julien Duponchel.

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