Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, first Hollywood stars with coronavirus, are “better”

“It will take time but if we take care of each other (…), it will pass.” Tom Hanks and his wife have been quarantined in Australia for two weeks.

American actor Tom Hanks and his wife actress and producer Rita Wilson, who suffer from Covid-19, announced that they will “better“, after almost two weeks of quarantine in Australia.

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Hey, friends, two weeks have passed since the first symptoms and we're feeling better“, the artist tweeted, urging subscribers to follow the guidelines for confinement and social distancing.

Sheltering means that: you don't pass it on to anyone, nobody passes it on to you. Common sense, right?“, he writes.”It will take time but if we take care of each other, if we help where we can and we comfort (the others), that too will pass. We can get out“, continues the actor.

Tom Hanks was with his wife in Australia for the preparations for the filming of an Australian film Baz Luhrmann devoted to Elvis Presley, in which the actor with the two Oscar must play the impresario of “King”, the famous “Colonel” Tom Parker.

Tom Hanks was on March 12 the first Hollywood star to announce that he had contracted the new coronavirus, like his wife. The couple were admitted to the Gold Coast University Hospital, according to authorities in Queensland (northeast), before being released for home quarantine.


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