Toulouse appeals demotion to Ligue 2

The Toulouse Football Club, a red lantern in Ligue 1, has filed an appeal before the Paris administrative court against its relegation to Ligue 2, its president Olivier Sadran announced on Friday.

Toulouse and Amiens, same fight

If I made the decision to go to court to assert our rights, it is first of all to enforce sports equity, since 30 points remained at stake, and especially to oppose the hasty decision of the President of the French Football Federation, Noël Le Graët“, wrote Sadran in a letter to TFC partners, which AFP was able to consult.

Unable to complete the championship due to a health crisis, the football authorities took the classification as a reference after the 28th day. Paris was crowned champion, Amiens and Toulouse (19th and 20th) were demoted to L2. Téfécé, who has known three coaches this season, has lost without giving the impression that a jump was possible to avoid relegation. In 28 matches, Gradel's teammates have only gleaned 13 points, securing the place of the last of L1, very far from the 19th, Amiens (23 pts), who also appealed from his relegation.

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Ligue 1: Toulouse in exclusive negotiations with an American investment fund

Owner of the club since 2001, Olivier Sadran seems to have found a buyer, the American investment fund RedBird Capital Partners, ready to buy 85% of the shares. Sadran hopes to finalize the transaction “before July 15”. He did not provide information on the amount of the transaction.


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