Toussaint: rush on chrysanthemums

“He needs two white, four yellow and two purple”says Estelle Ousselin, a horticulturist in Aisne. In a few days she will sell 2,500 chrysanthemums. At All Saints' Day, the same marathon has been held every year for 40 years. By November 1st, one third of its flowers are already reserved. “We even have customers who order year after year, and customers this year will order chrysanthemums for next year when they see what's in production”, says Estelle Ousselin.

All Saints' Day represents 15% of the annual turnover of this family business. “These are sales or should not be missed if November 1 is not sold, after it is at a loss, unfortunately”says Nicolas Ousselin, horticulturist. At All Saints' Day, chrysanthemums remain the most popular for flowering graves in cemeteries.

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