Toxic loans: has the BNP misled its customers?

Ten years ago, Raphaël Giraud chose to invest his savings to buy a two-room for his daughter. His wealth advisor advises him to take out a loan offered by a subsidiary of BNP. But three years later, he finds that the amount to repay continues to increase. In total, this apartment costs him twice his loan: 250 000 euros.

This loan was subscribed in Swiss francs. After the financial crisis of 2008, the euro collapsed against the Swiss currency, and since then the debt of the customers has exploded. A risk that the bank had not mentioned. “I feel that I have been deceived, because these advisers presented me with a product for which they took care of everything and without risk”, says Raphael Giraud. Like him, 4,655 people have subscribed to this loan, more than 2,000 of them feel aggrieved and have decided to sue the BNP subsidiary for misleading business practice. The bank will be judged Tuesday, November 12.

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