Training: the government launches its application

A website and a smartphone app: the government will present Thursday “a real revolution” in lifelong learning, promises the Minister of Labor, Muriel Penicaud, in an interview with the Journal du dimanche. “The mobile application Moncompteformation and the website that accompanies it are a real revolution,” says the minister, for whom “they will allow our country to enter a company skills” and reminding that “a job out of two will evolve deeply within ten years “.

The personal training account (CPF) “existed since 2015, but it was virtual: barely 2 million French have used it,” said Ms. Penicaud, explaining that “from Thursday, this right becomes real for 25 million employees” . “We are building a new public service that creates a right attached to the person, much like a Training Booklet A”, she explains, stressing that “at least 100,000 training sessions will be immediately available on the website. application, for more than 40,000 “different” formations.

Objective: avoid “bogus” training

To avoid “bogus” training, “only accredited organizations preparing for a professional title or diploma can be referenced”, explains Ms. Pénicaud: “we will therefore find only training with a value on a CV”.

The Minister of Labor recalls that “the first marker of unemployment is the lack of training”, which affects “6.5% of qualified people against 18% of non-qualified”. If executives of large groups benefit, “the others, much less,” she says. “But the lack of continuing education increases pre-existing differences in qualifications, which helps to block the social upheaval.” “In 1971, when Jacques Delors launched the idea of ​​lifelong learning, she was a humanist, and now she is becoming an economic and social necessity,” says Pénicaud.

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