transfer value of soccer players down 28%, study finds

With a 38% drop in the transfer value of its players, Olympique de Marseille would be the most affected European team.

The pandemic of coronavirus, which caused the interruption of national and continental football competitions, has resulted in a drop of almost a third in the transfer value of players from the five major European championships, according to a study from the Football Observatory of the International Center for the Study of Sport (CIES) in Neuchâtel (Switzerland) published Monday, March 30.

Thus, the total transfer value of players at the level of the five major championships would decrease by 28%, from 32.7 to 23.4 billion euros, in the event that no match is played and no contract is extended until at the end of June, estimates the CIES.

Main potential victim, Olympique de Marseille, whose transfer value of players would fall by 38% (loss of 97 million euros), according to the study, which covers Germany, England, Spain , France and Italy. Paris SG would lose 302 million euros (-31.4%), Real Madrid 350 million euros (-31.8%) and FC Barcelona 366 million euros (-31.3% ). Conversely, the lowest percentage of losses would come back to Stade Brestois (-16%).

Player by player, the estimated transfer value of Paul Pogba (Manchester United) “would be almost halved, going from 65 million euros to 35 million euros”, still estimates the CIES.

The magnitude of the decline varies based on several factors “such as age of players, length of contract, career path and recent performance”. “The biggest loss in relative terms concerns aging footballers with short-term contracts who have played fewer games in the current season than in the previous one”, explains CIES.


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