Travel certificate: three new justifications added

Since Tuesday noon, the French are called to remain confined. In a decree published on March 16, the government regulated travel. Only essential journeys, five in total, are authorized: journeys between the home and the place or places of exercise of the professional activity and professional journeys which cannot be postponed, journeys to purchase supplies necessary for the professional activity and essential purchases in establishments whose activities remain authorized by order of the Minister of Health taken on the basis of the provisions of Article L. 3131-1 of the Public Health Code, travel for reason for health, trips for compelling family reasons, for the assistance of vulnerable people or for childcare, or even brief trips, near the home, linked to the individual physical activity, to exclusion from any collective sporting practice, and the needs of pets.

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To be able to travel, French people must have a printed or handwritten certificate and check the reason for their exceptional outing. But since this Friday March 20, three new justifications of displacement have just been added by decree. As spotted by Next Inpact, movements are now authorized resulting from an obligation to present to the national police or gendarmerie or any other service or professional, imposed by the administrative police authority or the judicial authority, movements resulting from a summons from an administrative court or the judicial authority, but also travel for the sole purpose of participating in missions of general interest at the request of the administrative authority and under the conditions it specifies. For the time being, the certificate has not yet been updated. For those concerned, it will therefore have to be added by hand.

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