Turkey announces that it is about to expel 11 jihadists “of French origin”

“The proceedings concerning 11 foreign fighters of French origin are ongoing,” said Monday the Turkish Ministry of the Interior.

Ankara has put its threat into effect. Turkey began on Monday [November 11th] to expel foreign members of the Islamic State group it owns. An American national has been “deported from Turkey” and “The proceedings concerning 11 foreign fighters of French origin are in progress”said the Turkish Ministry of the Interior. A German and a Danish must be expelled Monday, followed Thursday by seven other Germans.

The public TV channel TRT Haber reports that the Turkish state intends to repatriate some 2,500 activists, most of them to European Union countries. According to her, 813 suspected jihadists are currently awaiting deportation to 12 detention centers.

The beginning of expulsion of foreign jihadists from Monday was announced Friday by the Turkish Minister of the Interior. “No need to run in all directions: we will send you back the IS members, he had clamored. They are yours, do what you want. ” Ankara long criticizes the refusal of its European allies, including France, to take charge of their nationals who have gone to fight in the Syrian-Iraq zone.

Asked about the imminence of a return of French jihadists, the Minister of Armed Forces, Florence Parly, said Monday morning, have not “No knowledge, for the moment, of a specific return of terrorist from Turkey”. On France Inter, she had recalled the existence of a “protocol” repatriation with Turkey, “because we do not want to be confronted with 'savage' returns of terrorists”.


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