United States: In California, more and more homeless people live in their cars

This is the people of the car parks. California has half of the homeless in the United States. In front of a library in San Diego, every car is actually a home. Homeless people work and can not stay, like Gregg Simons, a 20-year-old delivery boy. “A one-room studio with a sink and w.c is $ 1,200 and I earn a little less than $ 1,100 maximum”he explains. If it remains, it is that the weather is mild in California. His car runs little, because gas is expensive.

In San Diego as in Los Angeles, these cars are not welcome. Gary Harris is a former homeless person who owns 13 vans parked in Venice Beach. He rents each of his vans $ 300 a month. One rule: the parking around must stay clean. Only Gary has the keys of contact of the vans. The parking is not paying, but regulated by the city: it is necessary to change the vans of place every three days, under penalty of which they leave to the pound.

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