United States, Israel, Turkey … these countries where the epidemic is exploding

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The coronavirus epidemic is spreading worldwide with more than 500,000 cases worldwide. The number of infected has particularly exploded in some countries like Israel, which saw the number of people affected increase by 168% in three days, between March 22 and 25. Faced with what the government describes as an “invisible enemy”, the state decided to open three new “drive-in” screening centers this Tuesday, March 24, to speed up testing for coronavirus.

The death toll from Covid-19 has also jumped in the United States, which now has 74,573 cases and 1,073 deaths. The number of cases soared with a 98% increase between March 22 and 25. The country now ranks third among the states with the highest number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 disease, behind China and Italy. Part of Washington State in late February, the contagion has spread to the West in a few clusters in California, Colorado and Utah, but it is well on the East Coast and a very large part of the south -the United States has the most households. The country may well be the next epicenter of the global pandemic.

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It is Turkey which is the third country where the pandemic spreads the fastest in the world with 97% increase in the number of cases in three days, practically doubling from 1,236 to 2,433. The situation is also becoming critical in Portugal with 87% increase in people infected in three days.

The balance sheet is also increasing in Spain

The balance sheet is also increasing in Spain, which is the second most affected European country and the fourth in the world. There were 49,515 people infected on March 25 and the threshold of 4,000 dead was crossed on Thursday, March 26. The number of cases jumped 72% in just three days between March 22 and 25, from 28,768 to 48,515 people infected. The advance of the pandemic has overwhelmed many hospitals, where staff, some of whom are often contaminated, find it difficult to manage the influx of patients.

Faced with the planetary crisis, a summit by videoconference, this Thursday, March 26, of the leaders of the 20 most industrialized countries of the planet will try to bring a coordinated response to the pandemic which, according to the UN, “threatens all humanity “despite unprecedented containment measures affecting more than three billion people.


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