using an on-board camera can lower the price of your car insurance

A decrease of 10 to 15% in the amount of their car insurance is what several insurers offer their customers. In exchange, users must buy and install on board their car an onboard camera that will film their movements. Technology that would have the advantage of acting on the behavior of motorists, who would be much more careful knowing that they are filmed. “There are studies that tend to show that there is a drop in the loss experience from the moment the policyholders are equipped with a 'dashcam', we think they will be a little more cautious because they know they are filmed, so the camera will influence their behavior, notes Julien Gigogi, technical director of Olivier Assurance.

In France, 35,000 people would be equipped with an onboard camera, available commercially at a price of 60 to 200 euros. The images are deleted as and when you have not encountered any problems on the move. These images remain the property of the driver, who decides whether or not to show them to the insurer in the event of an accident.

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