Val de Rock: the festival canceled, the galley to be reimbursed

The Val de Rock Festival continues to make waves. This summer, the first edition of this event, scheduled for June 28-30 in Chessy, Seine-et-Marne, was canceled three days before its launch. At issue: financial difficulties, while 12,000 of the 90,000 tickets had been sold only. But four months later, the unfortunate festival-goers still run after part of their money, explains The Parisian. For now, they have only received 41% of the total ticket price.

VDK Organization, the association behind the Val de Rock festival that has since filed for bankruptcy, explained in an email sent in August that it could only repay this percentage because it did not have enough funds. Festivalgoers, however, do not intend to stop there, while some have lost up to 200 euros. A petition, which is close to 500 signatures, asks Val d'Europe Agglomération (VEA) to put their hands in their pockets to repay the remaining 59%.

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500,000 euros of subsidies paid

The intermunicipal department of Seine-et-Marne was the partner of the festival and paid 500,000 euros of subsidies for it. But she rejects any responsibility in this case. “VEA is not the organizer but a financial partner who like you, as many providers, as employees and volunteers, is the victim of this terrible cancellation.Therefore VEA is not justified to proceed with the reimbursement of festival-goers or any other creditor of the organizer besides “, sweeps Jean-Paul Balcou, president of VEA.

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The administration also runs after his money and subsidies paid, he adds: “We broke the contract with the association and ask for the refund.We want to know where the money is, the procedure is going on. There is still no complaint filed by us because it is not yet the moment. A dozen festival-goers were less patient and filed a complaint against X for “theft, fraud, breach of trust or misleading advertising” at the Meaux District Court. The organizers of the event, they, remain silent, assures the Parisian.


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