victory of the “UFO” Gilles Lamiré in the Transat Jacques Vabre

Gilles Lamiré and his team-mate Antoine Carpentier won the Transat Jacques Vabre in the multi 50 category on Friday 8 November in Salvador de Bahia, the 15-meter trimarans. In 11 days 16 hours and 34 minutes, the victory of an autodidact of the race offshore.

Grizzly hair in battle, piercing blue eyes, Gilles Lamiré is a UFO in the world of sailing. This graduate of a Parisian business school promised to the banking sector has dropped everything for exile in the West Indies. Becoming a banana ripener, he began his career sailing yachts, until his competitive debut in 2006 on second-class racks.

Returned to Cancale, the city of his father, Gilles Lamire has always struggled to convince, despite a success on the English Transat three years ago. “I never told myself stories. I do not have the background of many skippers. At first, it pained me a lot to be seen as an amateur. I am no longer an amateur!

Crossing this finish line is emotion. It's a culmination, not a revenge.Gilles Lamiréat franceinfo

With his outspokenness, Gilles Lamiré has always remained apart. A sailor inhabited by his passion, and without spirit of revenge: “It's a culmination, not a revenge. I'm doing this for myself, for adventure. I love the sea, the adventure, the human and I find all that in the offshore race. Crossing this finish line is emotion because that's the goal“.

At 49, Gilles Lamiré, father of a 9 year old boy, now wants to continue his story and win other races. Like the Route du Rhum, in three years, on its trimaran of 15 meters.

Gilles Lamiré: “When I start a race, it's to win”


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