VIDEO. Cannes, the meeting with a teacher … Those moments that changed the life of Nicolas Bedos

1The recognition of a French teacher

While in first class, Nicolas Bedos meets a teacher he describes as “particularly brilliant”. It is to this same teacher that he will send later extracts of his poems. Through a letter, the teacher made a comeback that marked him. “And even said very modestly, this guy that I find smarter than the whole world at that time (…) I think that these few lines I owe them a lot“, says Nicolas Bedos.

2His play “Promenade de santé”

The exit of this coin marks the exit of a “extremely vegetative period“for the playwright.”I was much better at the bar than on TV“It is also, for him, the first time he is recognized by people in the profession.

3The projection of “The Belle Époque” in Cannes

As dizzy as unexpected“This was a particularly decisive but stressful moment for Nicolas Bedos, and Nicolas Bedos, an attentive audience at the Cannes Film Festival, was worried about not being up to the task.”And so when, suddenly, the film ends and we have these 10 minutes of … roses that fall on our face, bouquets that are sent to our faces, well there is the heart that made 250 back and forth between the throat and … And so, it's a liberation, it's a joy“he recalls.


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