VIDEO. Chained, hungry, beaten … in Thailand, elephants continue to be abused


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Shocking images were filmed in Thailand to expose the abuse of elephants. More precisely, we see young elephants locked in enclosures, their legs tied by chains. Moving Animals, the NGO behind the images, says that they almost never come out to perform in public where they perform tricks in front of an audience. According to the NGO, elephants would be removed from their mother at the age of two to begin the “Phajaan”, an ancient technique of training.

Once trained, elephants would participate in three shows a day. They can be seen lifting logs, playing soccer, throwing darts at balloons or painting pictures.

In addition to shows, females must perform another function: supply the park with elephants. For elephants, pregnancy is particularly long, ranging from 18 to 22 months. However, one of the elephants of the park would have given birth to six babies.

The NGO Moving Animals is asking the British government, many of whose citizens come to the country, to legislate access to this tourist activity. “To save another generation of elephant babies from a life of misery, the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs must now act and ban UK companies from selling tickets to “attractions” with elephants“, said Amy Jones, an activist.

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