VIDEO. Donald Trump greeted by audience rumblings during an MMA fight in New York

The president was attending a fight at Madison Square Garden yesterday. His arrival was marked by hisses and hostile cries, although some of his supporters claimed that it was in fact a “positive reaction” from the public.

Six days after the whistles collected in a baseball stadium, Donald Trump was booed on Saturday, November 2, by spectators at a night of mixed martial arts (MMA) fighting in New York. At 10 pm (local time), when the American president entered the famous Madison Square Garden, he provoked a strong reaction from the public.

“We would have enjoyed more if he had not been there”said 50-year-old Anna Torres, who along with her companion copiously condemned the tenant of the White House. Some protesters carried placards that read, among other things, the address of the president and his vice president: “Trump-Pence, out now! “.

But other people in the audience have disapproved of this hostility. “It's a lack of respect, because he is our president”said Nico Ferranti, 30, not surprised to see Donald Trump move for this sporting event. “He's from New York and he likes that stuff. “, he said.

Other people claim instead that the American president was not booed, but welcomed. This is the case of Tara LaRosa, a pro-Trump MMA fighter, who believes that the public's rumbling upon the arrival of the US leader was a “positive reaction”.

Responding to the BBC, who raised boos, Donald Trump's son denounced on Twitter a fake news, condemning the lack of objectivity of journalists.


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