VIDEO. Education: “This pension reform is a declaration of war”, according to the collective of “red pens”

“This pension reform is a declaration of war”, reacted Thursday December 12 on Franceinfo Arnaud Fabre professor of letters and administrator of the group of teachers angry with “red pens”, the day after the Prime Minister's announcements. “The war is not us who do it, we defend the future of future generations.”

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franceinfo: Do ​​you believe in the announcements of the Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer?

It is very difficult to trust Jean-Michel Blanquer. When he announces salary increases, he has been talking about it for two years. We, the “red pens”, ask for 1,000 euros net per teacher per month and we get 400 million per year. So we say, that's a lot, except that there are almost a million teachers. So 400 million, if you divide by a million, that's 400 euros gross annual, so 30 euros per month net. This can never compensate for this enormous catch-up which must be done so that teachers are once again considered by the State and by the population and above all that we can again recruit.

We are faced with a system where we are poorly paid and where we steal our pensions. We use people at work. This is true for teachers, but also in hospitals, in private companies. People are worn out at work and when they arrive at retirement they want to retire.

Will you continue the strike?

Yes, until the reform is withdrawn. All unions, including the CFDT, and collectives like that of “red pens”, called to mobilize until withdrawal. There are lots of high schools that will be blocked today. This is the ultimate provocation against employees and especially against teachers. This pension reform is a declaration of war against employees of the public but also the private sector. We are facing the entire population that will be affected very quickly. People who have to retire in 6, 7, 8 years, in fact if they started early, they will have to work much longer, 42, 43, 44 years…

Do you not fear to penalize your students with the continuation of this mobilization?

War is not waged by us. We defend the future of future generations. That's why the Prime Minister and the President of the Republic are completely irresponsible. Nothing is done to stop it. It is enough to withdraw the reform, to sit around a table and especially to take the system as it exists and to improve it.


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